The music for Kodi is not a hobby – it is a way of life...

What is even more amazing is Kodi's recall to songs. His repertoire of songs in his mind could test the library of any jukebox. From the soulful sounds of “Lean On Me” and “Shout,” to the classics such as Mozart and Chopin; and we can't forget the pop/rock sounds of such artists as Billy Joel, John Mayer, The Fray, Five for Fighting, Sting, and much more. But what Kodi loves most is his renditions of soul and R & B.

He has a special connection to Ray Charles, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye. The soulful music....he just gets it and he FEELS IT! So what does all this mean?

Kodi is a prodigious savant in musical expression which is an amazingly rare occurrence: “There are probably fewer than 50 prodigious savants living worldwide at the present time...a prodigious savant is a person who manifests abilities that would be considered extraordinary even in a person who is not autistic,” said Darold Treffert, a Wisconsin psychiatrist who has studied savant syndrome for over 40 years. Plus, after a visit with Dr. Treffert, he was amazed by Kodi's level of expertise in musical emotion and expression. He says he has never seen this before, making Kodi the only one in the world with this ability.

Kodi's passion is music - it is like the air we breath every day. His dream is to always share his music with those who are willing to open their hearts to him and share his special connection to the world.