Kodi's Bio – It continues to grow throughout the years!

Kodi has been performing all across the globe and his performances grow every year. Kodi's passion is his love for performing to large audiences. He has shared his talents with many local events in his hometown which is now Utah - and as far as Beijing, China, Japan and Korea. Kodi is a true performer and to see him perform live tells it all!

Here are just a few of his accomplishments as they keep growing:

Featured live entertainment for the Autism Speaks Annual Walk-a-thon in West Valley, Utah
Featured on new Show for Universal | Performed with Michelle Williams from Destiny's Child
Performed at the Festival of Human Abilities at the Long Beach Aquarium of the Pacific
Culture Jam 2006 concert series in Shanghai and Beijing, China
Live w/ the band, "Dave's Crew" for the Special Olympics Summer Games
Holiday concert series in Seoul, Korea
Opening and closing ceremonies for the Festival of Children
Featured on a nationally broadcast documentary aired in South Korea
Performed on live television and live concert series in Tokyo, Japan
Featured on a nationally broadcast documentary aired in Japan
National Anthem for opening events at the Mercedes Tennis Cup
Featured on numerous local news broadcasts for CBS, KCAL and FOX
Friendship Circle Banquet performance in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Utah State Fair performance on one of the main stage venues

Not listed are the numerous local gigs and appearances Kodi has particpated in throughout the years. Everything from local fundraisers, award banquets, parades, festivals and charity events.

Please go to the contact page for inquiries on having Kodi perform at your next event.