A very special synergy.

Moving to Utah for us was a huge step - and an upredictable setting for Kodi. Utah truly embraced all of us with open arms. Our goal was to have Kodi share his passion for music with young adults more his age. We were lucky to get some amazing young boys from the local high school that were willing to take on the challenge!

Kodi and his band members have been performing and hangin' for the past 2 years and they have truly built an amazing connection. Not only does Kodi help the boys with their music, the boys have helped Kodi with socialization, friendship and a caring environment – making Kodi feel like just "one of the guys!"

Lead vocals and Piano – Kodi Lee
Lead guitar – Braxton Bitsoi
Rhythm guitar – Parker Smith
Bass guitar – Will Beaty and Jonathon Weaver
Drums/Percussions – Jared Gutowski