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Kodi's journey has been an interesting one...

Kodi Taehyun Lee was born on July 7th, 1996. Born in South Orange County after a grueling labor that lasted 14 long hours. After the strenuous fight, he began a long journey filled with challenges starting at birth. At the age of six days old, he was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery to remove an obstruction (Meckles Diverticulum) in his intestines. A surgery that threatened his young life. Upon surviving such a major surgery at such a young age, he continued to fight and defy the doubts of many around him. He only seemed to get stronger as the days went on.

After overcoming his first obstacle, there was a new threat on the horizon. Kodi did not seem to respond to sunlight, and his ability to focus on objects seemed very dysfunctional. Three months into his life, Kodi was diagnosed with Optic Nerve Hypoplasia (ONH) - this meant he was legally blind. ONH is a visual disorder that affects the optic nerve and how vision is communicated to the brain. Plus, there are also abnormalities in the midline of the brain and other issues that affect the pituitary and hormone development in the body. It was almost impossible to imagine such a thing could happen to such a vibrant young life.