The story continued...

As time went on, Kodi learned to adjust to his visual impairment and the introduction of two new siblings. What was of paramount importance to Kodi's parents was that never was he to feel as though he was different from anyone around him. Kodi was treated like any other normal sighted child - for Kodi's blindness is not who he is, but just a part of what makes him unique.

A place that Kodi is very familiar with - is the Hospital. Because of the concern with Kodi's development mentally, emotionally and with his learning - his parents turned to many specialists for support and guidance. After enduring numerous tests from spinal taps to a muscle biopsy, all tests came back inconclusive. But after speaking to a specialist it was now clear that the special needs Kodi required dealt with Autism. At the age of 4 ½, Kodi was diagnosed with Autism on top of his ONH.

Confusion, heartbreak and overwhelming anxiety raced through the family as they had to deal with another life challenge that Kodi would have to face for the rest of his life. Moving forward, pushing on to fight for all of Kodi's needs was now the mission of the Lee Family.